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Natraj kala Kendra choga work to present folk art  and culture of Jharkhand  by participating in various government and non government events, in which Manbhum chhau, paika, jhoomar, santhali etc are prominent.


Purulia (Manbhum) chhau is a martial art dance where the group of dancers use heavy masks and brightly colouredconstumes and traditional ornamants o give an attractive look. The mask is used for depiction of character animmated, fast movements and loud beats of DHOL NAGRA, Shahnai, Jhumka reacter war like ambiance. Chhau dance is generally based on Relligious epic the Ramayana the Mahabharata the Saravali etc. This Dance from might have originated in undivided Manbhum  region e.g. Kolhan and South Chhotanagpur commissionary of Jharkhand & Purulia District of West Bengal


To meet his Guru shriMahadev, Parsuram visited kailash,When Lord Shiva’ son Ganesh along with nandi and bhringi tried to stop him from meeting, a war broke between them. The story portrays how Lord Ganesha lost one of his tooth and started  to be known as EK DANT


According to Markandeyapurana, a hindu scripture Mahisasura was a demon who despite receiving the boon of immortality from Lord Brahma was his destined to be killed by  a woman. Thus he  started committing evil in the entire universe. It is then that all the Gods provided the Goddess with ammunitions to fight the devil.


This episode is a story taken from the Mahabharata text. During the war of Mahabharata, Guru Dronacharya composed Chakravyahu. As soon as he entered Chakravyu, Abhimanyu was surrounded by the Saptarthis. Abhimanyu was killed after fighting on both sides


The king Hiranyakashipu himself was the king of the Asuras but his son was an adent devotee of Lord Vishnu.Angered by this Hiranyakashpu decides to kill his son Pralhad. In the battle of father and son, Lsord Vishnu takes  the form of Narsimha  to protect his devotee Pralhad and kills Hiranyakash.


Arjun was doing penance for Pashupatastra, when Lord Shiva and Ma Parvati appeared as Kirat and Kiratin i.e. hunters,to try and test the power of Arjuna. Both of them were involved in sword fight and wrestle unless Arjuna realizes that his opponent was none other then Lord Shiva.  Arjun thus begs his pardon.     


PAIKA is a tribal war dance of Jharkhand. A relatively unknown dance Paika is a rare treat and one ha to be privileged enough to view the display. The dancer spruced up in all fineries of a soldier, set the Akhara ablaze with this etnic punch. This dance celebrates a victory or initiates a war.

Through the medium of this dance, the tribal males attempt to express their deep-rooted sense of patriotism towards their lad, culture and life-style that is threatened. Swirling to the best of music of Singa, Nagra, Dhak and Flute, the dancer encourage and motivate their fellowmen towards a greater awareness of their own heritage; invoke in them the spirit of loyalty and pride in their very own existence and identity.

The resonance created by the instruments alone is dense and powerful enough to invoke devotion. There  are no lyrics in this dance form, but the expression of the performer carry the mood across to the audience perfectly. The use of brightly coloured cloth bands around the waists enhances the spirit, vigor and valor of the dance.


The hunter dance is performed by people living around the forests. On the day of baishkh purnima ,traditionally day of budha purnima , mae people  from every family go for hunting and when they come together they are greeted with respect by women.


On the occasion of Dasara, this dance takes place in the middle of Guru disciples in the Guru Griha. In it, the dance is played by Buang Nagra, the Madal  flute, Kasar Ghant . The biggest feature of this dance is that the men are afraid to dance by wearing women’s clothing  ornaments.


Karma dance is a world famous dance of tribals.This festival was celebrated on Bhado Ekadashi after the completion of farming. Women keep the fast and worship the Karam Briksha Dali set in the courtyard and throughout the night the women men wake up with a dance song together.


Natraj kala Kendra choga work to present folk art  and culture of Jharkhand  by participating in various government and non government events, in which Manbhum chhau, paika, jhoomar,santhali,etc are prominent.


The Manbhum Festival is organized every year by Natraj Kala Kendra Choga in collaboration with the state and central government. In order to encourage folk artists of Manbhum region, by organizing a two-day Manbhum Festival every year, ManbhumChhau, Paika Dance, Santhali, Karma Mundari, PanchParganas, Kurmali, PantaJhumar etc. were made available to the stage by involving artists of this region. goes.

Training of Folk dance and music

Chhau and Paika dance is imparted free training from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm daily by experienced artists of the institution. Any aspiring artist, students can take free training.

Cultural workshop

Natraj Kala Kendra Choga in collaboration with various government and non-government organizations organize workshops of Manbhum Chhau dance, Paika dance, Jhoomar Sangeet etc. in various places.

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